Skymusic: the next MAC is going to spread out of the region borders

A week after the end of the Music Awards Ceremony spectacle, the MAC is still a number one topic. “The first Music Awards Ceremony was held on January 29, and the next one has already started on the 30th of January” says Skymusic CEO Milenko Škarić.

Regional music stars’ performances in line with the highest world standards, Hollywood-like red carpet experience, more than 200 celebrities from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, more than 25 music awards, live TV broadcast at 5 TV stations with national coverage: a huge challenge for the production, huge expectations, but a huge success as well.

“We are very glad to realize that the great success is always following an uncompromising quality. We’ve put a huge effort and the creativity, the MAC team comprised more than 300 people. All of them did their work at the highest professional level, and the result is obvious” said Škarić.
“Of course, we all expect even more from the next MAC” he adds. “Preparations for the next year’s ceremony have already started, and our plan is to push the borders even more, meaning to spread the MAC out of the borders of the countries which took part in it this time. There has been a huge interest in Music Awards Ceremony in the neighbouring countries, so we wish to include them in the next MAC as well.”

Music has not been the only message of the MAC. Complexity of the manifestation was also seen and heard in the messages related to peace, solidarity, fight against the racism and violence, which the MAC presenters had been delivering throughout the whole event.
Voting have also showed another aspect of the ceremony: Skymusic and Cebef gave up the funds from SMS votes and the tickets, thus the money had been redirected to UNICEF, the leading children’s organization, which will distribute the funds in the countries which took part in the ceremony.