Sea Star sets new festival standards

Last year’s Sea Star Festival has significantly raised its quality level, but this year standards are set even higher! Powerful four-system LineArrey sound system with impressive 250.000 W provided the impeccable sound at the 50 m wide stage construction. The 3D LED video system with the screen surface of 250 m2 added to the spectacle, and that equals the production of the renown Exit Dance Arena. A few hundreds of lighting fixtures have arrived directly from Dance Arena, and created the most spectacular festival stage in the history of Istra.

Stage and production design was made according to modern performance needs of the electronic music superstar Sven Vath. He filled the LED screens with the unique video content, synchronized with the sound and movements on the stage. Performing technology, which combines the video, the light, the sound and the movement is still in development, so the Sea Star visitors were lucky to have an opportunity to enjoy the cutting edge video spectacle.
Skymusic company was in charge for the unique festival experience at 5 stages: Addiko Tesla Stage, Nautilus Arena, Electric Waves, Exotic Laguna and Silent Octopus.