LED screen rental - creativity, performance, prestige!

LED technology is used today as a visual medium in nearly every modern event production, whether it be a music, corporate, fair or sports event. LED screen is a creative digital screen that conveys its message in a dynamic way, dominating the space with clarity and effect at the same time. Possibilities of the use of LED screens are limitless - whether it's all about conveying an artistic vision, shapes that are being created, or messages that are being transmitted, in an open or closed space. LED screen rental is the definite solution for creating a visual identity, because the screens are easily adjustable to the choreographies, scenographies, but also specific demands of the communication with the target audience. LED screen rental is, also, a reflection of the contemporary times, and a creative solution in the realm of the modern communication.

Our selection includes various types of LED screens, from 3 to 40mm resolution, with configuration which will please the highest of standards and demands. Also, we have every possibility to assist you in the design of a particular, unique visual identity (LED screen shapes) that will definitely be remembered – LED screen rental provides a technical potential for a setup of different shapes in a given space, possibility of an execution in the most modern, 4k (ultra HD) format and many other options, depending on the customer’s individual sensibility. Video art and creative production represent the crucial factor in the creation of the stage performance, with a unique mark of the quality of the Skymusic Solutions team.