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Skymusic offers a full service of designing and installing Pro Audio & Video systems in various hospitality and public facilities.

In cooperation with leading brands in the industry, we deliver a wide range of products to suit every restaurant, bar, nightclub, apartment / house, shopping center or event hall, regardless of their size or budget.

We offer full service project management, meaning that we meet with clients to determine their specific needs and then design and install a complete technology solution. We also offer training every step of the way to make sure clients are comfortable using their audio-visual system. Our close relationships with clients, professionally trained staff and partnerships with the industry’s best suppliers make Skymusic the best possible partner for audio-visual design and installation in the region.

After the first free visit by one of our senior project managers, we will determine your requirements and offer more tailored solutions, based on your budget. If you need inspiration, we also offer consulting services based on the years of experience in designing facilities for various purposes across the region. You are also welcome to visit some of our previous projects. Our goal is to combine 22 years of experience of our staff in the professional video industry and create a unique concept of sale to meet different market needs.

Planning / Installing / Settings

Once we agree on the project, the client is appointed one person from our team who will lead the project. He is the only contact for all tasks, supplies and assistance. Where necessary, we can make a tasks schedule in order to comply with other works on the work site (painters, electricians …).

After installing the equipment, one of our sound engineers will adjust the audio system using acoustic measurements and settings on the specialized equipment to enable the maximum performance of the installed system in a given facility because every facility is different and so is our project. Special attention is paid to the nature of the location. For example, it is necessary to enable normal conversation in cafes and bars while music is playing or avoid the unpleasant ringing in the ears after a night out at the disco.

If you have chosen us for the installation of light effects or complete lighting in your facility, we shall design and provide you with adequate lighting controllers for all types of events that you could organize in your facility – from simple color changes in your bar up to complex DMX touch screen controllers and wide range of motions / colors to choose from which is a must in modern club production.

Service / Maintenance

All equipment is thoroughly tested before and after installation and recorded in the warranty. The training of those who are in charge of technology takes place at the facility. Our service does not end upon the completion of installation.  We can offer contracts for basic maintenance, technique service maintenance in the facilities that we equip and any other facilities that need our professional help. On call service, replacing the old devices with new, and solving any problems that you encounter make Skymusic the best choice for your project.

To help you stay focused on your business we offer financial help. It is our pleasure to provide you with rental services, or financial leasing for a period of two to five years. During the period of lease, the equipment works for you, pays the bills, and after the end of leasing period remains in your possession. Alternatively, we can provide you with a plan for a long-term rental until you find the best possible way to develop your business.