Cloud’s finale: Slobodan Trkulja and Balkanopolis with Rock Symphony and Vlatko Stefanovski

After great festivals, Beer Fest and Music Week, more fantastic concert can be expected within Cloud platform this weekend at Ušće.

Before the Night of Music, as an introduction in the last festival weekend, on Thursday, August 29th, from 8 pm until 11:45 pm, concerts of Slobodan Trkulja & Balkanopolis and Vlatko Stefanovski & Rock Symphony were performed. “Balkanopolis” concerts are mixture of modern pop and rock spectacle, symphonic and epic sound pervaded with Serbian tradition. Led by multi-instrumentalist and singer Slobodan Trkulja, they are one of the most creative music artists in this region. In addition to extravagant costumes and, now legendary, Trkulja’s hair styles, they are famous for bonding modern and traditional – bagpipes with guitar effects and wah pedals, kavals and rock guitars, tambourine and drums – imbued with powerful orchestral sound, form epic to lyrical.

„We have held many concerts in concert halls and theatres around the world, and have won hearts of the audience with modern Serbian sound. Each Balkanopolis concert is a spectacle, and for performance at Ušće we have prepared special list, because this concert is a part of documentary film about me and Balkanopolis by Chinese CCTV television, that will be filmed during next two months. That’s way I have invited all citizen of Belgrade to come at Ušće so that we all together could send beautiful picture to the world” – Trkulja said. 

This was followed by musical spectacle performed by Vlatko Stefanovski and Rock Symphony, the project of the Chamber Orchestra of Bitola, composed of excellent, professional musicians who have numerous successful concerts at renowned festivals. „This orchestra is composed of young musicians who have decided to expand a bit their repertoire by playing rock numbers. It is fun to play with large orchestra, because the sound is fuller, and the repertoire is new and fresh even for me. I sing and play some numbers that I do not perform on my concerts, and I am sure that the audience at Ušće has enjoyed”- Vlatko Stefanovski said. They are well known for the excellent atmosphere that follows their performance of the hits of the legendary bands such as AC/DC, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Lenny Kravitz, Rammstein, Joan Jett, Scorpions and many others. The orchestra has 17 members and three soloist, who, along with guitar virtuosos Vlatko Stefanovski, performed more than 90 minutes of program.

New festival platform, CLOUD Festivals, for the first time brought together more festivals, that are all held at Ušće during second part of August, thus creating new, unique concept and set the organization and the production on the highest level. More than 810.000 people that attended Belgrade Beer Fest and Music Week during eight days of the last two weeks of the festival witnessed this.