900 LED panels at Maja Berovic concert

By descending in a golden cage to the 300 m2 AFIX stage, Maja Berovic started her first big concert in Stark Arena. The venue was packed, and stage design left the visitors breathless. Very important part of the creative process was a production of attractive video materials, which are made in advance in collaboration with Maja. Those materials were screened on 900 LED panels, which is 13.200.000 pixels in total. Controlling that amount of pixels was a demanding task, and Skymusic technical production successfully solved it by using extraordinary Avolites AI RX8 Infinity.

‘Everything was perfect, the whole production! Everything that was on stage and around the stage, LED screens, the sound, the video production…I don’t have a single objection. I’d like to express a special appreciation to Skymusic team, whom I easily collaborated with in all segments, from the day one. I also enjoyed in preparations of the video materials, which looked amazing on LED screens.’ said Maja.

The stage was equipped with Meyer monitors, while Yamaha PM5D was used for monitor mix. Half kilometer long Eurotruss construction carried more than 500 lighting fixtures, while MA Grand MA2 Full Size was used for light control. Skymusic is the only company in Serbia which owns that modern equipment. EAW Anya, the cutting edge technology, was used for the perfect audio experience, along with Meyer Milo System for outfil.