17th Belgrade Beer Fest has started: 80 thousand people at Ušće

Last night in Belgrade, the biggest music and beer festival in this part of Europe, 17th Belgrade Beer Fast was open. On the first day of the festival, more than 80.000 visitors enjoyed performances on four stages, coupled with free entrance and excellent beer and food selection. Everything worked out great, and on the following evenings event more visitors are expected.

On the main stage, program started with the performance of Dejan Cukić, then audience enjoyed performance of the increasingly popular band Artan Lili, as well as legendary rockers Kerber and YU grupa, while guys from Eyesburn made great musical finish of the evening.

Also well attended was the program on the other three stages – Alternative, Groove and Bunt stage.

On the second night of the festival audience will be able to enjoy performances of the bands Bjesovi, Brkovi, Električni orgazam, Orthodox Celts, Negativ, as well as rapper Vojko V.

By Monday, August 19th, more than 600 musicians on four stages will provide 105 hours of music program for the visitors of the festival.